"First, let me begin by saying thank you. Not only did you prove to be an invaluable coach, but you were also a mentor, friend and confidant during what was a difficult period in my professional life. There is a saying that there is strength in numbers and working with you, I felt like I had an armada of personal cheerleaders and business mentors behind me and walking alongside me- and you were all of them wrapped into one! I cannot thank you enough for your time, dedication, encouragement and energy. You were my partner in this and I will always be thankful to have met and collaborated with you."

- Assoc. Dir., Operations

"I have experienced tremendous progress, both personally and professionally. I gained more confidence in all focus areas and have tangible results that speak to my growth. I am overwhelmed with encouragement and pride when I think back to where we started to where I am today. I continue to find ways to establish myself as a cross-functional leader and continue to improve communication up and down the chain of command."

- Director, Marketing

"When I first started, I was in my head. Over thinking a lot of stuff. Now I clean out my closet and check to see how it makes me feel and work through it.  The area I would like to grow in is facing  my own fears by helping others in their life decisions. Why? Because I am living proof that your service works and are needed. You gave me tools to use for life and I thank you. This is one experience I

will never forget. You are awesome. Thank you Melynda!"

- Operations Technician

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