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How a “Black Hat” Will Accentuate Your Proposal Wardrobe

-keys to successful competitive analysis, teaming decisions, and win themes


Organizations big and small are pressured to maximize talent, time, and financial investments when pursuing competitive business development. While not all organizations may implement the full capture and proposal development life-cycle, there is one must-have to accelerate your efforts, and that is the Black Hat review. Commonly known as a competitive analysis, a Black Hat review is an analysis conducted in the preparation phases of an opportunity to ascertain the competitive positioning of the bidding organization. However, creating a competitive advantage is not just about creating better technical solutions. Real advantage is created by better understanding your competitive environment, the markets you serve, and your place in them both.


Creating real advantage requires moving the traditional Black Hat review from a data gathering exercise to an interactive group experience that leverages diverse knowledge, customer engagement, and competitive intelligence.


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Time For A Black Hat Review: How to Accentuate Your Proposal Wardrobe


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