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How can you live a more fulfilled life? Are you set up for success? What impact are you having on others? 


We specialize in coaching leaders, executives, and middle management in their quest for maximizing their unique strengths and living fully in their purpose. We combine the tenants of coaching with expertise in how organizations work to help clients reach breakthroughs within themselves and with others. We believe that our coaching clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Our job as coaches is to “hold space” for them to discover the answers to whatever challenges they may face by utilizing proprietary assessment and coaching tools, asking powerful questions, listening, and empowering, in order to elicit the skills and creativity our clients already possess. We create and maintain an environment of trust by listening actively, using powerful questioning techniques, and communicating directly. This safe environment enables clients to take the risks necessary for meaningful change and to receive valuable feedback on their efforts.

The steps in the coaching process begin with a discovery session that gives the coach and client an opportunity to get to know each other, understand the goals of the client, and create an alliance of how they will work together and their commitment to each other. Then a series of coaching calls is established, with supporting activities in between. Within the process, the coach may recommend tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), StrengthsFinder, or other assessments. The coach can also review previously administered assessments and incorporate into the process.

We hold the coach-client relationship in confidence, where the coach does not disclose who they are coaching or any of the conversations in the coaching process. Disclosure is up to the client. We do observe for patters of individual accountability during the coaching process and may share insights about organizational dynamics, if deemed good for the development of the organization, teams, or individuals.  This additional level of communication helps ensure that the organization, the coaching client, and the coach, all have the same expectations and goals.

Our cadre of coaches hold various types and levels of coaching certifications. We provide coach matching services to ensure you or your organization receive the most effective coaching experiences. Contact us to discuss your coaching needs! 


“My one on one coaching session with Melynda was exceptional in helping me clarify my values and priorities as I move through my next career transition.”

 “Melynda asked extremely insightful questions which changed my focus completely and allowed me to see clearly what it was I really wanted to do.”

“Melynda is a top notch professional coach with heart and empathy.”


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