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Does your organization effectively align its actions to its strategic goals? Does everyone in your organization understand the value they provide? Are you creating an inclusive workplace culture? 




We enable organizations and teams to achieve breakthrough thinking utilizing strategies that leverage divergence and diversity, innovation and creativity. We believe in the benefits of distributed cognition whereby knowledge isn’t confined to an individual, but is created through interaction with others.


We help build organizational success by maximizing the value of cognitive agility to move beyond internal and external roadblocks and leverage individual contributions. What results is clearer prioritization in complex situations and decisions aligned with those priorities.


We work with organizations to design the most effective meeting or program by listening and identifying desired outcomes, team culture, and internal and external drivers of success. We utilize a vast toolkit of best practices to deploy in group facilitation, such as graphic and visual approaches and "Gamestorming" interactive exercises.  We apply Design Thinking, or human-centered design, methods to bring the voice of customers and stakeholder into the process early and often. 



Team Development 


Our approach to individual and team development is grounded in positive psychology, where we take an appreciative inquiry approach to working with teams. We guide teams through the progression of forming, storming, norming and performing, recognizing that teams may enter this process at various stages and may revisit stages on the road to high performance. 


Our team development model focuses on defining the team purpose and clarifying task requirements. It allows for identification of individual strengths and their contributions to the team as well as opportunities for the team to develop its skills and processes. 


Most importantly, we understand that the time and resources of the team and the organization are valuable and work to leverage them rather than tax them. 



"Melynda provided a pivotal role in establishing the Temple CIBER program after we secured initial funding. Her expertise in strategic planning, budget management, program evaluation, curriculum development and strategic communications enabled us to maximize the impacts of this Dept. of Education grant to benefit students and faculty at Temple. We were refunded in large part due to her ability to coordinate and collaborate on the proposal refunding submission. I could rely on her to take an idea, a connection, a challenge, and create something of value for our programs. Melynda has excellent interpersonal skills and a very pleasant personality."


Prof. Arvind P.-Faculty Director

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