Team Performance


Do you need help building teams that perform well AND enjoy working together?  


We provide value to our clients by understanding their business goals, processes, and people and designing team building workshops that generate actionable results that impact business goals while improving working relationships and communications. 

High Performing Teams

Do you struggle with projects that aren't meeting their objectives, are understaffed, or initiate great ideas only to see them lose momentum? Do you successfully move beyond roadblocks and develop high performing teams?


We have helped dozens of organizations realize the potential of individual team members and maximize performance of their teams through a proven method that: 

  • defines the team purpose and clarity of tasks,

  • aligns to individual strengths, 

  • improves communications and meeting management

  • develops critical team processes and skills,

  • provides adjustments to support the team's progress through stages of development, and

  • leverages the time and resources of the team and organization rather than tax them. 


We have experience in multiple domain areas in federal,  state, and local contracting, commercial and non-profit sectors, higher education, and global development. 

Discover Your Team Advantage.

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"Melynda organized some very effective sessions for my team preparing for a strategic planning off-site  I was impressed not only with her grasp of the issues the team was facing, but also with the thoroughness and considerations she made while preparing and executing. While facilitating a very creative workshop, she got a usually-skeptical audience to open up. The post-workshop materials and deliverables were actionable, relevant, and "shovel-ready" for incorporating into our future work."



Eric B. - VP, Business Development

“Melynda did an excellent job addressing each participant’s specific goals while keeping it interesting to the group as a whole.” 


-Sr. Foreign Service workshop participant


Small Woman Owned (SWaM) Certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia