September 12, 2019

Have you ever wondered why your teams are good at some things and maybe not so good at others? Are you curious about improving team communications, decision-making, innovation? 

The Clifton StrengthsFinder Top 5 profile tool is helpful in increasing self-awareness of your own strengths as well as those of others on your team and across  your organization. Identifying strengths is a method to leverage what works. At Cognitive Agility, LLC, we don't shy away from working on challenging performance areas, but that's for another post. 

Today, I want to share with you a pretty cool way to look at the strengths of your team as a whole. The chart below is a result of tallying up all the Top 5 strengths of every team member and plotting them across the four strengths domains, and be each individual strengths. What do you see with this team? Are they naturally strong at building relatioships? At getting things done? 

Are you curious about your team's strenghs? Let us know and we'll help you! ...

January 3, 2016


As the new year unfolds, think about making the most of time spent communicating with those around you, those you work and live with. It can be as easy as providing a space for everyone to "think out loud". In this post, we'll explore what it takes to transform your everyday space into a space that enables brainstorming, creativity, dare I say, innovation, and most importantly understanding. With an investment of time, some planning, and a few (or a lot of!) dollars, you can transform the way you work with colleagues, students, clients, volunteer organizations, even family members!

Purpose: First, think about what the purpose of spending time together. Do you facilitate training sessions, design sessions, or workshops, where you use visual materials and encourage people to interact with each other to learn, create ideas or plan? Do you chat with folks in the company cafeteria or break room (or wherever the perverbial "water cooler" is) and have those Ah Ha...

July 27, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm


Cognitive Agility, LLC founder Melynda Benlemlih will be a featured webinar panelist for the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) to discuss tips for more effective Black Hat proposal workshops. 


Melynda will be joined by FedSavvy Strategies' founder Brian Lindholm to answer your questions about Black Hat reviews. This is NOT the same old power point slide show. Panel moderator, Robert Katz, will facilitate discussion to demystify this topic to help BD, capture, and proposal professionals effectively prepare for and conduct this critical, but often poorly executed, proposal step.


This highly interactive, discussion-driven format allows you to engage the experts immediately, dynamically, and directly.  Discussion topics include: 

  • Socratic versus Team-Based War Gaming Methods – two starkly different approaches

  • Participants and Their Roles – selecting the right people t...

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September 12, 2019

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